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Our Mission

Community Markets Inc. (CMI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to increase access to locally-grown, healthy food resources, increase food distribution to families and communities in need, and open access to families to sustainable food supplies produced in their local communities beginning in West Virginia, and eventually other states with under-served communities.

The intent of CMI is to serve the local market with e-Commerce based access to SNAP for approved local farm products by pairing best of breed eCommerce platforms with the CMI product reseller organization, to increase access and participation of Direct Marketing Farmers and Farmer’s Markets to SNAP and to improve access to fresh produce and farm goods to sustain low-income families in the State of West Virginia and beyond, allowing for USDA SNAP funds to remain circulating in the local Markets and Communities where the Producers and Small Businesses serve the community. Finally, bolstering the communities and providing further opportunities to underserved communities’ families in those markets.

Purpose of Nonprofit

Funding For Local Agriculture

We secure funding which enables us to provide marketing and administrative support to local farmers and producers.

Provide Technical Solutions

Teaming with corporate partners who will provide technical solutions to the same clients, local farmers and producers, using custom e-Commerce platforms.

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