Paul Buede
Board President

Paul is an entrepreneur with a deep love for Jesus Christ. His desire is to serve Christ by sharing his skills and passion with his local community and improving the wellbeing of West Virginians by supporting small and local farms, small and local businesses, and those in need. It is his belief that technology is now advanced enough to reverse the trend of industrialization that commoditized and dehumanized the worker, by empowering small and local farmers and businesses to connect with the marketplace in a way that emphasizes the dignity of work, values local business and farming contributions to the advancement of society and enables communities to care for those in need.  Prior to starting Community Markets Inc., he co-founded B.E.S. Technology, Inc. with his friend Guido Ellsworth. His extensive technical background and leadership experience spans both federal and commercial work. Paul’s passion is developing new products and creating innovative solutions to meet real world problems. He looks forward to bringing technology solutions to West Virginian farmers so that WV grown food can be on every West Virginian’s table.