Community Markets Inc. Partners with Bushel & Peck to Feed Families and Support Farmers

February 26, 2024 – Community Markets Inc. (“CMI”) has partnered with Bushel & Peck to feed hungry Appalachian families while supporting local farmers. Both Charles Town-based, nonprofit organizations exist, in part, to increase access to healthy foods grown by local farmers and bring their unique strengths and connections to complement the partnership.

Through the initiative, Bushel & Peck invites patrons of its brick-and-mortar, year-round, indoor farmers market grocery store to sponsor one or more pounds of food which, once the goal is reached, is distributed out free of charge to needy families by CMI at an upcoming Food Box Giveaway. Most recently, Bushel & Peck customers raised enough money to donate 200 lbs. of organic and locally grown orange, purple, red, and yellow carrots to CMI which will be distributed in Martinsburg on Tuesday, February 27th from 11-1 pm at the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.

“Community Markets Inc. and Bushel & Peck are demonstrating the increased impact that like-minded organizations can have through collaboration,” stated CMI Director Mark Peiffer. “We’re sending the unifying message that Jefferson County local food and agriculture nonprofits stand together in our shared mission of supporting our farmers and feeding underserved families in our community.”

Julie Philabaum, Bushel & Peck’s store manager, added, “This partnership just proves how much stronger we are when we work together.”

Bushel & Peck will do another round of fundraising within the next few months. The next time you shop at Bushel & Peck, ask about how you can help feed hungry families with healthy food grown by local farmers.

Community Markets Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Charles Town, WV whose mission is to connect locally grown food to families in need. All programs and activities of CMI strengthen food security and increase access to locally grown food for underserved families in West Virginia. As of January 2024, CMI has fed 6,000 people in the Eastern Panhandle and Potomac Highlands and put $80,000 back into local farmers pockets. To learn more, visit and like CMI on Facebook at

Bushel & Peck is owned and operated by Jefferson Growers, Artisans, and Producers Coalition, which also operates the Charles Town Farmers Market. Jefferson Growers, Artisans, and Producers Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Charles Town, WV whose mission is to provide area farmers, artisans, musicians and other non-profits with alternative marketing opportunities through a retail marketplace, as well as to encourage agriculture and cultural entrepreneurship in the region; and to provide consumers with fresh, locally grown or locally produced products in a convenient location; and to provide a reoccurring community gathering opportunity to enhance and promote community awareness, cooperation and cultural unity. To learn more follow Bushel & Peck on social media: @bushelandpeckwv

“Pay it forward” at Bushel & Peck and help Community Markets Inc. feed more hungry families with healthy food grown by local farmers!